Mark Francis at Galerie Forsblom

Exhibiion Nov 16 – Jan 06, 2013
For over twenty years Mark Francis has developed a practice that at its heart is concerned with exploring and developing the possibilities of painting. He consistently and rigorously examines what more there is to be discovered within a medium that, in an era dominated by photography and video, is far from exhausted.
Born Newtownards, Co Down, Northern Ireland 1962…

Galerie Forsblom


Jaume Plensa-In the Midst of Dreams

An exhibition designed for EMMA by the sculptor Jaume Plensa (b. 1955, Barcelona).

“Many of my works reflect the dualism between body and soul, subjects which feature widely in my work.

For instance, within my light works is a somehow moving light.This could be the soul which we can never find within the body.”


The Alienation of Objects

Toby Ziegler

The London-based artist Toby Ziegler has searched books and the internet for pictures of historical art objects, such as ancient classical sculptures or Victorian Staffordshire pottery dogs. Using 3D modelling software, Ziegler then turns these images into sculptures in which the features of the original objects are mere references. The alienated pieces are strange, yet recognisable.

Toby Ziegler is fascinated by the transformation of pictures and objects when they travel from one age and culture to another. The motifs become simplified and are altered beyond recognition, the underlying stories become layered and are forgotten. Information is lost. In addition to sculptures, Ziegler’s installation in Kiasma also includes scuffed air freight containers that have travelled around the world.


The 7th Wave – Wihuri and Visual Art

The Wihuri Foundation likes to be the early bird, snatching up the best works from exhibitions.One of the results is this magnificent and perceptive review of Finnish contemporary art from the 2000s, now on show in Kunsthalle Helsinki.



at Helsinki Contemporary Now!

2 – 25 November 2012

Adalbertstr. 9 +  – Muscle Temple Painting Society is a very physical exhibition, focusing on our experience of being there, and being with the paintings. It consists of a group of paintings that both make and shape the space they are in. They create and generate confrontations and connections. These are not paintings as objects, but as processes of becoming – of becoming a place. These are works that shout at us. They challenge us, but they also caress us. They look back at us, and throw us off balance.

Helsinki Contemporary