Ateneum’s collection in Google Art Project

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Ateneum Art Museum’s collection in the Google Art Project has been published online. The Art Project now includes 55 classic works from Ateneum, shown on the site as high resolution images with added introductory notes. Using the Street View feature, you can take a virtual tour around the museum’s collection display. One of Ateneum’s masterpieces, Eero Järnefelt’s best known painting Under the Yoke (Burning the Brushwood) (1893), has been photographed in extraordinary detail using the ‘gigapixel’ technology, enabling the work to be studied online beyond what is possible with the naked eye.

Google Art is a global digital museum that makes the world’s art treasures accessible to all – visitors can wander around museums from across the world and experience the art in detail. It is a collaboration between Google and over 260 acclaimed art institutions, and it makes over 40,000 works of art available online. The project was launched in 2011.

Ateneum Art Museum in the Google Art Project:

Details of the gigapixel image of the painting Under the Yoke:

Lapponia Jewelry

The story of Lapponia Jewelry begins with two courageous men – entrepreneur and visionary Pekka Anttila and gifted jewelry designer / artist Björn Weckström. Together these men pushed the boundaries of jewelry design in the 1960s gaining global attention.

Björn Weckström was the first to combine silver and acrylic in jewelry designs. At first this combination was considered strange, but that soon changed when in 1975 John Lennon appeared in the Dick Cavett show with Yoko Ono who was wearing Weckström’s Petrified lake acrylic ring. TV camera was taking several close-up shots of the ring in Yoko Ono’s finger and soon everyone was interested in acrylic jewelry.

Planetoid valleys necklace worn by Princess Leia in the movie Star Wars (1977)

The Lapponia Jewelry story is full of surprises and lucky incidents. In 1977, one of the Lapponia Jewelry silver necklaces was worn by Princess Leia in the movie Star Wars. Planetoid valleys fast became the all-time most well-known piece in the Lapponia collection.

Lapponia Jewerly