Paper Devil at Serlachius Museums

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The new permanent exhibition in the Gustaf Museum tells the story of the petulant paper mill owner in a completely new way.

Paper Devil offers an intensely dramatized and visual experience in the exhibition. The phases of the mill owner’s life takes the spectators from one scene to the next and from one atmosphere to another. Serlachius himself, his family, enemies and friends each have their say.

Gustaf Adolf Serlachius, who established a paper mill in Mänttä, was one of the pioneers of paper industry in Finland. He made path for Finnish forest industry’s later success. At the same time the determined mill owner literally made a path from Mänttä to world market for his products…

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Birger Kaipiainen at EMMA

Aesthete Extraordinaire / Birger Kaipiainen´s ceramic fantasies

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This summer, EMMA offers a major showing of the works of Finnish ceramic artist Birger Kaipiainen (1915–1988) that is bound to question categories and raise eyebrows. During his half-century long career at the Arabia factory, he enjoyed a freedom to fulfil his creative visions untrammelled by the demands of industrial production…

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